miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Homeless tourism

Las week I was in Englis class and we were given a piece of news to read it and talk about it later. You can imagine my surprise when I first had a look at the title: The strange boom in homeless tourism.

 My first reaction was to think that it was a fake new, but when I saw "the guardian" written at the bottom, I realized we were not joking. This trend (homeless tourism) consisted in paying to experience a homeless person's way of life. We were supposed to wear homeless clothes and to have as our only luxury item an old Nokia with emergency numbers. A guide, a homeless person, would be assigned to us and we would be discovering their hauts and way of living.

 When I finished reading my paper I felt so confused. It was hard for me to imagine why people would do that. Are we that stupid? But I had no to time to assimilite it, because the teacher, suddenly asked us who thought this was a good idea, and I was puzzled when I saw lots of hands up in the air. I will not lie, I thought I was surrounded by immoral people. Really, what's happening?

 I, actually feel really outraged by the idea of wealthy people paying a good sum-which would have helped the real people who are living in the streets-to feel how being poor is like. I believe we have become a totally silly society after seeing this. Being poor and see yourself forced to live in the streets is not a joke. Why are we behaving as we do not have conscience at all? Even one week later, I still feel confused and disappointed. We should all reflect on this in order to avoid acting as animals.

 If you do not believe what I am saying, just have a look at the link here:


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